51.8V 175Ah Bestgo Battery<br>Li-NCM Lithium Battery Pack<br>Can Be Paralleled
51.8V 175Ah Bestgo Battery Li-NCM Lithium Battery Pack

51.8V 175Ah Bestgo Battery
Li-NCM Lithium Battery Pack
Can Be Paralleled

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51.8V 175Ah Li-NCM Lithium Battery Pack
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9kW 51.8V 175Ah Bestgo Battery

Li-NCM Lithium Battery Pack

25.5L * 13.5W * 6.5H in.

648 * 343 * 165 mm

110 Lbs. / 50 Kg

Can be paralleled

Note: All Bestgo battery packs are warrantied for up to two years when operated with a commercially available Battery Management System ’BMS’ and recharged with a charging system designed to recharge Li-NCM batteries.


Bestgo Battery Co., Ltd. is dedicated to offer advanced lithium-ion batteries which feature both high power and energy densities with a long lifespan and ultra-safe performance. The cells are made using some unique manufacturing technologies developed over the years. These completely automated unique battery construction processes allow Bestgo to build higher quality lithium batteries which have superior performance characteristics over older manufacturing techniques. Using those unique technologies makes it possible to produce cells that have amazing consistency. Every step of the cell’s construction is tested with automated high-precision quality control equipment. With these cells building the standard battery modules, Bestgo is in a very good position to help create solutions for a variety of energy storage system applications.





Battery Pack Dimensions: 25.5 * 13.5 * 6.5 in. (648 * 343 * 165mm)


Battery Pack Weight: 110 Lbs. (50kg)


Battery Chemistry: Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (Li-NCM)


PCB BMS and 250A slow type fuse are built inside case.


Red and black terminals with M8 screw hole. Terminals have 18mm height above case.


Rated Capacity: >175Ah at C/3 (Measured as 3.0V cut off at cell level)


Operating Voltage: 51.8V at C/3 (Working voltage range is 58.8 ~ 43V)


Charging Voltage: <58.8V at CC/CV charge mode (Can be reduced to 58.4V for longer cycle life)


Discharge Cut Off Voltage: 43 ~ 42V (When any cell volt reaches 3.0V, may trigger this protection) (Set device, like a controller, low voltage protection much higher to avoid triggering this protection.)


Maximum Discharge Current: <200A at 30 min; <230A at 3 min; <480 at 10s, SOC <100% (Please consider heat accumulation if it takes a long time to discharge with a large continuous current.)


Maximum Charge Current: <60A at 60 min; <175A at 5 min, SOC <70% (Please consider heat accumulation if it takes a long time to charge with a large continuous current.)


Battery Cycle Life: >3000 times at 80% DOD (After test it can deliver > 80% rated capacity.)


Internal Resistance: <10 milliohms (DCIR test method at 10s, 50% SOC)


Surrounded Working Condition Charge Temperature: 41 ~ 113F (5 ~ 45C)


Surrounded Working Condition Discharge Temperature: -4 ~ 131F (-20 ~ 55C)


Storage Temperature: 14F ~ 104F (-10C ~ 40C) (for <3 months) (Keep SOC at 40~60% for long term storage)