150kW 440V Rated Voltage<br>Hybrid Inverter
150kW 440V Rated Voltage Hybrid Inverter

150kW 440V Rated Voltage
Hybrid Inverter

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150kW 440V Rated Voltage Hybrid Inverter
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150kW 360V-440V Voltage Range

440V Rated Voltage

Hybrid Inverter

55.12L * 74.8W * 31.5H in

1400 * 1900 * 800 mm

2,756 Lbs. / 1,250 Kg

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All in one hybrid inverter

   Battery, load, grid, solar connection all supported

Programmable working mode

   Peak-shaving, backup, use the system however you want it

Scalable design

   Doubled capacity by paralleling 2 units

Touchscreen LCD

   More convenient for parameter setting and maintenance

Seamless transfer

   Uninterruptable power supply guaranteed 

Dry contact output

   Supports remote control of DG

AC (Grid-connected) Specifications:

Apparent Power: 165kVA

Rated Power: 150kW

Rated Voltage: 440V

Rated Current: 217A

Voltage Range: 360V-440V

Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz

Frequency Range: 45-55/55-65Hz

THDi: <3%

PF: 0.8 Lagging – 0.8 Leading

AC Connection: 3/N/PE

AC (Off-Grid) Specifications:

Apparent Power: 165kVA

Rated Power: 150kW

Rated Voltage: 400V

Rated Current: 217A

THDU: <2% linear

Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz

Overload Capacity: 110%-10 min; 120%-1 min

DC (Battery and PV) Specifications:

Max PV Open-Circuit Voltage: 1000V DC

Recommended PV Power: 225kWp

PV MPPT Voltage Range: 480V-800V DC

Recommended Nominal Battery Voltage: 420V

Battery Voltage Range: 352-600V

Max Charge Power: 225kWp

Max Discharge Power: 150kW

Max Charge Current: 639A

Max Discharge Current: 425A

General Specifications:

Protection Degree: IP20

Noise Emission: <65dB (A) at 1m

Environment Temperature: -13F~131F (-25C~55C)

Cooling: Forced air

Relative Humidity: 0~95% non-condensing

Maximum Altitude: 6000m (derate over 3000m)

Build-in Transformer

Transfer Between On/Off Grid: Automatic <10ms

Standby Consumption: <30W

Display: Touch Screen

Communication Interface: RS485/CAN

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